CSAAC Presents The Wedding Album

Vachikam, Chicago South Asian Art Council & Rasaka Theatre Company present The Wedding Album

About the play:  The Wedding Album, Girish Karnad’s contemporary new comic drama, explores the traditional Indian wedding in a globalized, technologically advanced India. On the surface it’s a familiar picture: a joyful event when members of the clan come together to celebrate and reaffirm loyalties. But behind the picture perfect smiles simmer long suppressed suspicions, jealousies, frustrations, and aggression.

The play deals with a normal urban middle-class family: a daughter who lives abroad with her professional husband, a brother who is a software designer, a younger daughter happy enough to marry a suitable boy from the US she has never met, and then, of course, there is the doting mother and the loyal cook. A family, which is educated, liberal, and modern. Each snapshot shows its members frozen in a projection of respectability, but each figure has a double image, with the shadow of a hidden life. It’s a hilarious spectacle. And, hopefully, both revealing and moving. 

Vachikam is committed to bringing greater awareness and appreciation of the Indian performing arts and culture to audiences in the United States and Canada. As a national and local promoter, Vachikam showcases the rich and diverse mosaic of Indian theatre by promoting accomplished artists in high-caliber drama, dance, and musical performances. Vachikam also draws upon its extensive network of artists to orchestrate special social occasions and benefits for the Indian-American community.


The Chicago South Asian Arts Council (CSAAC) was founded in 2010 and was developed to promote South Asian culture throughout the Chicago area and Midwest. CSAAC is the parent organization of the Chicago South Asian Film Festival (www.csaff.org),  which showcased filmmakers of South Asian descent as well as films that represent the perspective of the Diaspora. By partnering with Vachikam and Rasaka to bring the play The Wedding Album to Chicagoland, CSAAC is now expanding its mission to bring South Asian perspectives on art to you.

Rasaka Theatre Company is based in Chicago and is the Midwest’s first South Asian American ensemble. Our goal is to increase diversity among artists and audience by engaging and illuminating the South Asian American experience. We are particularly dedicated to providing a platform for the artistic expression of South Asian artists. www.rasakatheatre.org

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